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15 Feb

I recently watched much of Janet Yellen’s two-day interrogation by congress. She is the head of the Federal Reserve, a position that bestows her with oracular respect when the economy is good and besots her with derisive incompetence when the economy is bad. There was much fulminating by the representatives, our representatives, over a lack of wage growth for typical American in recent years (although the truth of this extends back to the 1980’s) and whether the Fed’s recent low…..

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Letter to a Co-worker (political junkie)
09 Dec

Dear Chris,

I feel lucky that we have been seated by our bosses in such a fashion that we have been able to get to know each other. So this letter, while direct, is being written from caring…

In our last conversation you spoke of states’ rights and how within each state, democracy, regardless of the will of the majority, should rule. You also stated a desire for our leaders to maintain the original thinking of the founding fathers. These…..

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The Refugees from Fear
21 Nov

A safe world is what we hope for every time a child is born. It’s what we want whenever a loved one steps outside. We all aspire to a safe life. We discuss it regularly with friends and even pray for it. But how much safety is enough? Can there even be too much of something that we so cherish?

The people expert in such matters know that when a speed limit is set on state highways, a certain number…..

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Arguing Wombs and Warming
29 Oct


Some who would deny women the choice to bring her fetus to term or not use science to prove that there’s a life inside the womb. They trumpet the beating heart and the fact that the fetus feels pain. They also earnestly state that with ever improving technologies and techniques, fetal life will become viable at an ever younger age., placing the logic of Roe V. Wade at risk. Science from this view is clearly the unborn’s best friend.


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September 2015 Interview
20 Sep

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Citizens Ununited
22 Jul

It’s come to the point where we need to talk about money. Our culture had decided that this stuff you pass with your hands is equivalent to the sounds that come out of your mouth. By solidifying this analogy into law, we are drastically altering the nature of democracy. So it behooves us to understand what this does to our American ideals. The first step toward this understanding is to examine the validity of the analogy. What can it be…..

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