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Taxing Capital is a Big Mistake
31 Jul


Capital is what results from work: anything we have invented, moved, or built that finds a value in the marketplace. It is this search for value that drives free markets. Trading one’s capital for better value is what leads to profits. Or if one is the end user, the goal is trading for some satisfaction in having used one’s money well. Market efficiency depends upon this sorting through the relative values of whatever we have offered.

So if an…..

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Citizens Ununited
22 Jul

It’s come to the point where we need to talk about money. Our culture had decided that this stuff you pass with your hands is equivalent to the sounds that come out of your mouth. By solidifying this analogy into law, we are drastically altering the nature of democracy. So it behooves us to understand what this does to our American ideals. The first step toward this understanding is to examine the validity of the analogy. What can it be…..

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20 May

Welcome. My name is Stephen Taft, author of A True Free Market: Conversations on Gaining Liberty and Justice through Economics. I’m very happy to have you as a visitor here. Expressing the ideas in the book became a passion to me, and I hope to share more of that excitement with you with this blog.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about A True Free Market, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on…..

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